Bamburi Beach Hotel

Bamburi Beach Hotel, Kenya.

A leading three star all inclusive in Kenya close to Haller wildlife park.

Bamburi Beach Hotel, Kenya

Bamburi Beach Hotel

Not only does the hotel enjoy a beach location complete with coral reef snorkelling, you’ll also be able to enjoy two swimming pools and choose from 3 restaurants and 4 bars.

Bamburi Beach Hotel, Kenya from UK airports

First Choice – Offering packages from both Manchester and Gatwick.

Holidays In Kenya

Kenya is a land of great variety, from the grasslands of the south to the desert-like landscapes of the north, and is mainly populated by nomadic tribes. In between lies a region of lush agricultural land and the densely forested mountains of the highlands, while to the west runs the Great Rift Valley with its extinct volcanoes and strange soda lakes.

A narrow ribbon of fertile land runs along the coast, backed by hills and bordered by the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. The coral reef off the coast protects the beaches and lagoons from the rolling waves of the ocean and supports an enormous variety of fish, crustaceans and aquatic plant life. The warm water temperature, along with a sea breeze and sunshine, make the Kenya coast one of the world’s most idyllic playgrounds. If you do book a holiday to the Bamburi Beach Hotel you will have the opportunity to try some amazing excursions.

Climate In Kenya

The Kenya coast has a tropical climate. Although at certain times of the year humidity is high, the sea breeze generally ensures pleasant and comfortable conditions. The water temperature seldom falls below 26°C and conditions are ideal for swimming, diving, snorkelling and water sports most of the year. Away from the coast, the climate varies considerably. Temperatures in the north are generally high and the highlands are dry for most of the year.

Kenya Rainfall

There are two rainy seasons in Kenya, the short rains in October and November and the long rains in late April, May and early June. Rainfall is seldom continuous over long periods and dry intervals usually occur with sunny spells even on rainy days. If you take a safari during the rains the parks are fresh and green, with less visitors and vehicles, however roads and footpaths can become awash and less accessible during and after heavy downpours.

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